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Roxann McCoy, President

I’ve taken a few days to process the tragic killing of George Floyd. As a parent, grandparent,

aunt, and community activist my heart is broken. George Floyd should still be here. There is no

excuse as to why his life was taken. The careless acts of the four officers involved was based on

racism. George Floyd did not put up a fight. He was not resisting arrest and he still died, simply

for the color of his skin. The fight for justice is a tough one with many obstacles. I can’t say how

long this fight will last or what challenges we will face. But I can say that I stand in this fight with

and for you. I have been in talks with local leaders in our police department and government

officials to discuss and change policies that will keep our people safe and avoid another tragedy

here in the valley. Whatever your choice of action is in this battle, I just ask that we remain safe

and look out for one another. Please check in on your family and friends that are heavily

impacted. Many of us are experiencing trauma related symptoms from witnessing and

experiencing acts of racism and discrimination. Watching videos such as the killing of George

Floyd can be very triggering.

With a heavy heart I send you all love.






Roxann McCoy


NAACP Las Vegas

Branch 1111

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