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Rev. Leonard B. Jackson

Executive Director, Faith Organizing Alliance CEO President of The LBJ Group LLC

Associate Minister at First African

Methodist Episcopal Church


Reverend Leonard B. Jackson served on the Executive Staff, as Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Los Angeles, CA. Antonio R. Villaraigosa from 2006-2010. A challenging position, while being the ecclesiastic link between City government and the multi-faith traditions of the most diverse city in the nation, he is the voice of truth and justice for all. He has also played a major role in planning and implementing relief efforts immediately following the civil unrest in Los Angeles, April of 1992. Rev. Jackson served as Director of Community Outreach, concentrating on promoting Unity within the community of Faith, Justice within the Society of Laws, and Brotherhood within the Society of Humankind. As a retired U.S. Army combat veteran for 20 years, he continues to serve on the front lines of society where the rubber meets the road.

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