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Nijel Braxton Murray

Founder of Klothes 4 Kids


Nijel Braxton Murray is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently a senior at Nevada State High School, a dual credit program which allows students to earn college credits while simultaneously acquiring a high school diploma. Nijel is set to graduate in 2021 with high honors. He will complete his high school diploma with a 4.3 GPA and an AA degree (3.6 GPA). He has been accepted into the University of Nevada Las Vegas for the 2021 Fall semester. Nijel is enrolled in the Business PRE major program. Prior to high school, Nijel created several successful businesses that have been conducive to further propelling his interests and aspirations in business and marketing. Mr. Murray believes that pursuing a Business and Marketing degree will lead him to a profitable and satisfying future and propel him to accomplishing his lifetime goal of owning and operating his own business.  


In addition to his studies and educational goals, Nijel draws unique ideas and perspectives from his family. Along with his parents, Duane and Shon Murray, Nijel has an older brother. Another major part of Nijel’s life involves foster care. His family opened their home to an eleven-year-old boy for an entire year until he was able to be reunified with his family of origin. This experience greatly impacted Nijel and was significant in his pursuit to create a foundation that would further help children in the foster care system.

Throughout high school, Nijel has been involved in community service to aid children in foster care with clothing and resources. In 2017, Klothes 4 Kids (K4K) was founded by 14-year-old Nijel Murray because of an experience he had with the child that his family fostered. When his foster brother left Child Haven, all his belongings were thrown together in a garbage bag. This is a common occurrence for children who have been removed from their homes with no time to pack. His foster brother’s clothes did not fit, and he was embarrassed to wear them. He had school the next day, so Nijel’s parents scrambled to purchase clothing for him. This made an impact on Nijel. Seeing the stress of his parents and the previous sadness of his foster brother, Nijel knew he did not want other kids and families to experience this, so K4K began. K4K provides foster kids with duffel bags (to replace the unspoken message of the garbage bag) and fills them with new clothing, an item of comfort, and other necessities. Nijel has garnered partnerships with agencies across Las Vegas to help with his mission to provide for children in foster care. Project 150, Andre Agassi Foundation, City Of Las Vegas YNAPP, Department of Family and Children's Services and St. Jude's Ranch, just to name a few. Nijel’s community involvement has built skills relative to leadership, communication, and timeliness. Nijel is also heavily involved in his church. He is a youth group leader, a drummer and member of the Production Team at Living Word Ministry Church and an active participant in the outreach ministry.

Nijel has been the recipient of a myriad of merit-based scholarships and grants. He was awarded the World Changers Award (Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics), Give Back Award (America First Credit Union), African American Achievement (Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly), Citizen Recognition Award 2018 (Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly), A-B Honor Roll Somerset Academy of Las Vegas College Prep School, Youth Neighborhood Association Partnership Program, and Semper Fidelis All American. He is currently a member of National Honor Society The resources that Nijel has worked for and is receiving are a major factor in the quality and continuation of his education.

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